Val du Vienne Race track

Only 22km from the Logis de Chassay

The Circuit Val du Vienne was opened in 1990 and received its first competition in 1992 with the French Touring Car Championship and with the French Superbike Championship following soon after.


Known as one of the most technical circuits of France, the only feature that was missing at the time was the ability to reach a very high top speed. In 2008, two straights were connected to obtain a continuous straight of about 1000 metres, enabling the maximum speed in the GT class to surpass 270 Km/h. It was at this time that the circuit was admitted into the very small group of FIA Grade 2 circuits.


Managed since 1st January 2012 by SAS The Two Trees, the Circuit Val de Vienne is one of the France's favourite motorsport venues, which has nevertheless remained friendly and welcoming.


How to get to the Circuit Val du Vienne from Le Logis de Chassay.


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